Antique and Vintage Jewelry

Antique Jewelry

Bracelets Pre-1900We are based in England, United Kingdom. We collect and deal in antique and vintage jewelry. Costume, cocktail, fine, or "popular" jewelry — all kinds have found a place in the collection.
The combination of craftsmanship, quality, and uniqueness, together with the social history and romance that comes with every piece, is why we love vintage jewelry.

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Vintage Jewelry

Brooches / PinsOur collection spans many years and styles, including a few suffragette pieces that are much loved and treasured, and seem to epitomize the social-historic aspect of collecting. Their history and passion give them a special feel and a value far beyond monetary worth.



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Fine Jewelry

BraceletsWe are especially interested in the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras, but do have a large collection spanning other periods, including some special 1940s and 1950s items.

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Vintage Costume Jewelry

NecklacesIf a piece is unusual, attractive, and of good quality, we love it! We also have some beautiful and very special examples from the Georgian period, and items as modern as the 1960s.


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Collectible Jewelry

Brooches  / PinsWe are passionate about our jewelry and aim to offer fine quality, original pieces of antique and vintage jewelry in lovely condition. We are continuously searching for rare and unique pieces and regularly add items to the site. Please contact us if you have any questions or are searching for a particular piece.

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New Designer Jewelry And Pearls

New Designer JewelryWe also have a selection of brand new jewelry created by our in house designer. These pieces are all hand made, using the finest materials.

The Pearls
Because there is no standard pearl grading system in use that is accepted world wide, we have chosen not to attempt to grade the pearls in our jewelry, and have, instead, tried to describe the quality of the pearls honestly. But be assured that we buy our pearls from reputable and respected vendors, most of whom broker the pearls directly from the pearl farm. We are also in touch with the pearl farmer ourselves when looking for a particular color or quality of pearl.

For more information on pearls of all kinds, we recommend visiting

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Finally we have compiled a short list of links that we feel may be of interest to you.

The following is a guide to the dates of the various styles and periods of jewelry.

Georgian Jewelry 1717 - 1830

Bracelets Pre-1900A period of fine craftsmanship, often worked in the finest materials.
Conversely, a great deal of British Georgian jewelry was made with pinchbeck - a substitute for gold, and paste gemstones. The reason for this is that Britain was fighting wars, and gold and gemstones were often in short supply.
This only served to enhance the jeweler’s skills as they learned to adapt and produce superb quality items from the substitute materials available to them.
The resulting jewellery was often as finely worked and detailed as that made from the finest metals and gemstones.

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Victorian Jewelry 1837 - 1901

Antique LocketsThe Victorian era covers a vast range of differing styles. From ornate and intricately decorative styles, known as High Victorian, to mourning jewelry, to simple, dainty pieces for unmarried girls, to the cheaper popular jewelry made available to the working classes by the introduction of machine-made techniques and man-made gemstones.


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Edwardian Jewelry 1901 - 1910

Earrings Pre-1900The Edwardian period marked a return to frivolous and pretty jewelry, reminiscent of an earlier age, and known as “La Belle Epoch” - the beautiful age.
Jewelry became finely worked and platinum was used for the first time as a setting for diamonds, giving the ability to create fine, lace-like designs that minimised the use of metal and enabled the gemstones to become the focal point, and open-back settings were used to allow the maximum amount of light to bounce off the gemstones.

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Art Nouveau Jewelry 1890 - 1915

Antique LocketsThis period marked a return to natural materials and designs, inspired in part by Charles Darwin’s voyages and the late Victorian interest in all things natural. The jewelry featured flowing lines and stylised natural motifs, often using semi-precious and non-precious materials, such as pewter, silver, glass, enamels and agate.

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Art Deco Jewelry 1915 - 1935

EarringsAn unmistakeable style, inspired by the desire to return to a clean, minimalist style after the elaborate designs of the late 19th. Century. Art Deco jewellery is typified by geometric lines and abstract designs.

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Retro Jewelry 1940s - 1950s

BraceletsThe jewelry from this era was often large and impressive, and, for the first time, costume jewelry began to come to the fore. Largely due to the Hollywood stars, who wore it with style and panache, it became acceptable, even desirable, to own and wear fake gold and gemstones, in elaborate and showy pieces. Big, bold and beautiful, often these fakes were as expensive as the real thing.

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